According to the By-Laws:

  • Fishing licenses are required to fish on property.
  • Fishing is permitted only with rod and reel, or pole and line. Each combination shall not exceed two hooks. Only two rods or poles may be used per person.
  • The use of goldfish as bait and all illegal devices (traps, nets, etc.) are prohibited.
  • No cleaning fish on Club property.
  • No fishing during club meetings (7-8:30 PM), Meat Shoots, or other special event activities.
  • Guest passes may be purchased at the club meeting or from an officer of the club.
  • Guests must be accompanied by the member of the club.
  • Guests must have clearly completed the guest card, carry a picture ID, and leave the guest card in the fish log mailbox at the entrance of the club.
  • No more than four Bass (14 inches or more), four Catfish, 10 Crappie (10 inches or more), 15 Bluegill (6 inches or more). There are no limits on Carp.
  • All fish caught and taken from the lakes must be recorded in the fish log located in the mailbox at the gate.
  • No pets are permitted on the club property.
  • Minors must be attended to at all times.
  • Please remove all litter that you produce and place in the various cans throughout the property.